AutoTAB Login

Use The Links Below To Login
Click here for CWOPA AutoTAB Login
Click here for Business Partner AutoTAB Login

PennDOT employees requiring AutoTAB access:
PennDOT employees who would like to gain access to
AutoTAB can make requests through their supervisor via the
Request For Service system.

Business partner employees requiring AutoTAB access:
Access to the AutoTAB Web program requires a company Engineering Construction and Management System (ECMS) Business Partner ID (BP ID), granting of AutoTAB access, and assignment of AutoTAB User IDs by the company Security Administrator.
For access to AutoTAB Web, please follow these steps: (Business Partners with active ECMS BP IDs will skip to Step 3)
  1. Businesses partners will request an ECMS BP ID Business partners requiring an ECMS BP ID must complete the ECMS Business Partner Signup
  2. The BP ID will be issued by PennDOT and assigned to a company ECMS Security Administrator to manage online ECMS software and services access
  3. Businesses partners will request access to the AutoTAB System Security roles
    1. Copy the form letter Business Partner AutoTAB Request onto company letterhead
    2. Complete the letter, print, sign, and scan
    3. Email signed form to
    4. PennDOT will add AutoTab roles to company's available applications
  4. The company Security Administrator manages AutoTAB user IDs and access for company employees

Training materials, including basic training videos, will be available for self-paced training.

Questions on AutoTab may be sent to
Questions on ECMS may be sent to